Frequently Asked Questions

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Access and Computer Requirements

How do I access the LF! Learning Hub?

The portal can be website accessed at

You will need to create an account on the portal to enroll in courses. You do not need an account to browse the home page and catalog.

What are the system requirements and supported browsers?

In order to have the best learning experience, please make sure you access the site with a computer or device (smart phone, tablet, etc.) with high speed/broadband internet connection with a minimum speed of 5Mbps (recommended).

We currently support the latest two versions of all browsers listed below, unless otherwise noted.

Desktop: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge

Mobile: iOS Safari: 11 and up, Chrome, Samsung Internet

*Note that we do not support Internet Explorer. 

Additionally, ensure that your system has the following: 

  • JavaScript enabled
  • PDF plugin
  • Graphic and audio output capability
  • TLS 1.2 supported by your web browser

What if I forgot my password? How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, please click here. Enter the email you signed up with and we will send you reset instructions to your e-mail. 

The password reset page is also accessible from the clicking on the Reset Password link on the “Sign-In” page. The Sign-In page link is always located on the top right-hand side of the portal home page. 

Training on the Hub

What kind of resources can I find in the Hub?

Online courses offered are on-demand and facilitated courses as well as how-to guides and coaching cohorts. 

Courses include digital tools, hybrid ministry, change management, and digital teaching practices and so much more.

How much does access to the Hub cost?

Learning Forte is committed to quality resources at every price point. There are a variety of resources available inside the Hub for free.  


Our annual subscription, the FORTE PASS, is now available, regularly priced at $150 year.

Individuals trainings and courses may be purchased a la carte, or at a discounted rate for FORTE PASS subscribers.

Can I exit from an on-demand resource before I complete it?

Yes. Your progress will be bookmarked by the learning portal and you can proceed from where you left off the next time you access the course.

How can I view the trainings that I have completed or that are still in progress?

Once you enroll, you can access courses that are still in progress, by clicking on “My Dashboard” at the top of the homepage. 

How do I access on demand trainings and courses?

All users must create an account to enroll in a course. Once enrolled, on the course landing page click on the “Start Online Course” button to begin the course. 

You will be directed to the Course Player. The Course Player is the course-taking environment where you view content like videos, handouts, take assessments, quizzes, submit the course evaluation and more.

How do I access the course supplemental material?

Any supplemental materials will be available as part of one of the lessons in the course that you are enrolled in.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Completion from the courses I completed?

To obtain a Certificate of Completion, successfully complete the course. Then visit “My Certificates" and click on the title of the “View” link for the course. On the course Certificate of Completion there are two options for sharing a copy of the certificate: Copy the link to the certificate page or download a PDF copy of the certificate. 

How do I activate closed captions (CC) in the video modules?
  1. The CC BUTTON is located in the LOWER RIGHT CORNER of the video window.
  2. Click the CC BUTTON to engage CC and choose English or Spanish language.
  3.  Click the play icon in the LOWER left CORNER of the video window to start the video with CC.


Who do I contact for LF! Learning Hub support?

Contact the LF! Learning Hub Administrator at

You can also access the Thinkific Support Center by using this link.